Accident Repair Guarantee

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A Wise Choice for Your Repair

Your is built with advanced materials and parts engineered to work together to ensure your safety. It’s designed to protect you in the event of an accident, so any repairs made to your are very important. They require specific repair techniques using the right equipment and parts to retain your 's excellent safety rating, so you can get back on the road with confidence.

Approved Body Repair Centres are committed to ensuring that the repairs to your vehicle have been completed to the highest standards and are in line with the approved repair methods.

Ask for your Crash Repair Guarantee

Remember that you, not your insurer, have the right to choose who repairs your . It's your decision where to tell your insurer you would like your vehicle repaired. You automatically qualify for the Repair Guarantee if you have Car Insurance or Ensurance.

To keep your vehicle in top condition after you’ve left the Approved Body Repair Centre, remember to maintain it to the standards outlined in the Driver’s Handbook. Any Approved Paint & Body Centre can give advice and offer products to help you do this.

The Repair Guarantee means that only genuine parts have been fitted, so we make sure that your remains  .

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